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Play! In the Barn: The Best of All Possible Worlds

The Best of All Possible Worlds
Written and Performed by David Mann
Directed by Sarah Gioia


The Best of All Possible Worlds is a one-man comedy created by David Mann about
life in the suburbs, parenting, and being a corporate speaker. Buy a house. Have some kids. Make a living. Lose your mind.

In David Mann's first original one-man show in 14 years, he exposes the truth about
chasing the American Dream. Or at least... he shows what happened to him while pursing
it. It's a crazy, funny, weird trip into the jungle of the suburbs, the bizarre world of
corporate speaking, and the first years of parenting. He relives his valiant yet failed effort
to achieve work-life balance despite having quite a few motivational speakers tell him
exactly how.

Mann says, "At age 38 — when we had our first child — I immediately started aiming for
what so many people of my generation were brought up to want: a stable middle-class
life. So I started speaking and consulting in the business world as a way to make a living.
But what ended up happening was an exhausting chase for something I could barely even
With personal stories and colorful characters, David takes you on a journey into the
empty bubble known as the American Dream.


Suggested ticket price $15. Call 507.352.4255 to reserve tickets.