Saturday, July 13 – Saturday, July 20
2019 Flourish Summer Camp for Youth

A week-long immersion in performance art and agriculture

Saturday, July 13 – Saturday, July 20

2019 Final Flourish performance:
Saturday, July 20 at 3:00 PM
All are welcome!



Flourish Summer Camp is a performing arts program for youth ages 11-15. The camp consists of a group of artists that mentor young people in the disciplines of theatre, puppetry, dance, music and voice for one week in the context of a farm. The goal of the program is to establish an intimate working climate that allows each participant to voice their unique ideas. Enrollment is kept small enough to ensure that the instructors are able to work one-on-one with the attendees.

Each participant's ideas are honored and guided through a process of intimacy, collaboration and inventive play, using spaces on the farm to take work out of the box. At the end of the week, the group of participants will have a showcase of original performance pieces that will make their debut to the public on Saturday, July 20 at 3:00 PM. 


Rustic cabins are available for housing. Bathrooms and showers with running water are adjacent to the dining facility. All facilities are 'off-the-grid' and employ solar electricity. Participants should come prepared to experience 'simple' living. Participants are also encouraged to be considerate by using soaps and shampoos that are biodegradable.


All meals are prepared on-site, from scratch with fresh organic vegetables from the gardens at DreamAcres, along with other locally purchased ingredients.

Participants will be taking part in some of the harvest of the vegetables for their meals, and will no doubt take pride in their having a hand in the process.

Another culinary aspect of the Flourish experience worth mentioning is that Flourish attendees will likely have the opportunity to taste one of the exclusive wood-fired pizzas from the hand-built pizza oven at DreamAcres.


Cost $700.00 (Full residential participation required — housing and meals included).
$650.00 — Early bird rate valid until March  1, 2019.

Flourish is committed to being accessible and affordable to all. Don't hesitate to ask about financial assistance if needed. Financial aid is available in a variety of forms: including payment packages, scholarships (of varying levels) and sponsorship. In some cases, camp fees may be offset through an exchange of goods or services. Please inquire about an arrangement that will work for you at


Please download, fill-out and mail-in the registration form, which can be accessed here.

The Flourish Summer Camp Health form can be accessed here.

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